Quick Start Guide

Making a Photobook with a few easy steps

Step 1

Simply copy all the pictures you want to use inside a folder on your computer and launch PhotoBook Express Designer. Click on “Create a New Project” to begin.


Step 2 Select your book size

Firstly, you have to decide whether you want a Hard Cover or Soft Cover PhotoBook. Then select your preferred book size (Landscape, Portrait or Square) from the drop-down list. You may wish to check out our Products & Pricing for more information on all the options available. Next, name your new book project and click “Create”.


Step 3 Load your pictures

Click on the “+” button to add photos to your project. You will be asked to select the folder containing the photos which you want to use in your PhotoBook. You pictures will then be loaded into the Pictures List, ready for your use.


Step 4 Sort your Pictures

Click on the “Gear” button (located beside the “+” Button, Select “Sort By Date Created”. This will help to arrange all the pictures in the Pictures List according to the time the photos were being shot. In most cases, this is the sequence which most customers will prefer their pictures to appear in their PhotoBook.


Step 5 AutoFlow Page Wizard

Simply click on the “AutoFlow” button and select “Picture Order”. The Auto-Flow Page Wizard will help you layout all your selected pictures onto every page inside your PhotoBook, based on the order of the pictures sorted in the Pictures Tray. This is the easiest & most popular way to get started with your PhotoBook project.


Don’t forget to check out our YOUTUBE step-by-step videos :