The Effortless Style of The Canvas

Elevate your interior space with the timeless beauty of our canvas prints.

Design Templates To Enrich Your Feature Wall

See your photographs laid out in professional designs and creative collages

Deconstruct Art With The Split Canvas

Discover a new appreciation for that breathtaking panorama or epic family photograph with it sliced up into 3, 4 or 5 prints.

Create A Storyboard With The Multi Canvas

Take your guests on a visual journey with a series of 3 to 10 canvas prints, arranged à la art gallery.

Personalised Canvas Prints For Your Walls

If you have extra space on your walls at home, fill them up with your precious memories! Be it in the living room, bedroom or office, make your favourite photographs the centre of attention by showcasing them on fully personalised canvas photo prints. Our custom canvas prints are suitable to be used in all kinds of environments because of their high-density foam boards that are both strong and moisture-resistant quality. Lightweight and scratch-resistant, the canvas printing process uses UV light from the latest Durst printer to print photo on canvas for better colour accuracy.

Available in three types of textures, our custom canvas range includes canvas air, multi and split canvas. The canvas air is a thinner and ultralight version of our standard canvas prints. It makes the perfect centrepiece to enriching living space without occupying too much room, measuring at only 4.5mm thin. The multi canvas prints allow you to create a storyboard of your happy memories in 3 to 10 custom canvas prints whereas the split canvas prints divide a single photo into 3 to 5 personalised canvas.

How to Arrange Canvas Prints
There are a few simple trending ideas to dress up your wall with our custom Canvas Prints regardless of the type of pictures displayed:

The Grid – A symmetrical look that aligns Canvas Prints of the same size in rows. Take extra care when coordinating this type of gallery wall because uneven measurements may take away the beauty of it. This idea is perfect for showcasing your favourite family pictures or a collection of your travel adventures.

The Steps – This is an easy and unique display idea for your personalised canvas. All you have to do is to copy your staircase pattern on your wall. The number of artwork you should hang is the same as how many steps your stairs have for same-size prints. Make sure there is enough breathing space with precise measurements between frames for a stylish impression.

Layer On Shelf – Most people think that Canvas Prints are meant to be on the wall but it’s not always necessary. Make use of your long wall shelves by layering a variety of canvas sizes and orientations then have them lean against the wall. This look is an effortless way to showcase your collection if you like to swap them often.

The Focal Point – Take your most significant moment like a big-sized family Canvas Photo Prints and make a statement by placing it in the middle. Surround the larger piece with a collection of smaller-sized Canvas Prints for ravishing wall art.

Feeling inspired? Start planning out your very own wall art then create your very own canvas online by selecting your preferred canvas size, ready designs and textures.